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NEW! The Shard by @YoungAdz1 & @DIRTBIKE_LB

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New Video!!! Loick Essien ft Ayo Beatz – Doing Bits | @loickessien

New Video!!! Loick Essien ft Ayo Beatz – Doing Bits | @loickessien

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All the way from Cali, @ColdShayneJo shows us ‘Where They Don’t Go’ [User Submitted]

All the way from Cali, @ColdShayneJo shows us ‘Where They Don’t Go’ [User Submitted]

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Rip The Runway UK 2015

Rip The Runway UK 2015

Rip The Runway UK 2015

It was hyped as the show of the year promising a classy hybrid of fashion, music and talent. With headline acts including Misha B, Compozers & Fuse ODG to name a few, Rip The Runway UK 2015 had all the necessary ingredients for a fantastic night in London.
Take a look at the official advert below:

So how did the show pan out?

The Event

Much to the delight of the event organisers, the show lived up to the hype. The models were delightful, the music was popping and the talent was evident to see. Everyone was dressed to impress and impressive they were!

There were mini boutiques positioned all around the venue with stands from leading urban fashion designers to niche african dashiki clothing. I think it’s fair to say there was something to suite various tastes and styles at Rip The RunWay UK 2015.

Something For Everyone.

The hosts Eddie Kadi & Maya Jama were brilliant and made the stage their own with punch lines, funny dancing and a genuine good vibe. They could have easily stole the show, if not for the beautiful models, live music and fashion on display of course.

The Hosts Enabled Seamless Transitions Between Acts.

The Acts

The British offspring of RipTheRunWay followed suite of it’s original format with artist’s performances and designers catwalks running side by side. Rip The RunWay UK 2015 was the first fashion event I have been to and the way it all gelled together on stage was a real sight to see.

The best example of this came when Daj Jordan encaptivated the audience with his violin performance as models strutted their stuff! For me that was the best portait of aesthetics at Rip The Runway UK 2015.
Take a look at Daj Jordan’s rendition of Rae Sremmurd- No Type to get a feel for his type of music.

Who Came

There were a number of urban pioneers to grace Rip The Runway UK 2015. These included Ghetts, Krept & Konan, Big Tobz, Moelogo and Mista Silva. A great show of support from the more seasoned pros for the next wave of UK talent.
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The Fashion

Although Rip The Runway UK 2015 was supposed to mainly be about promoting up and coming fashion designs, I feel as though the fashion had to take a backstage role on the night. If you weren’t a designer or were in the standard seating area in the audience, the emphasis is taken away from the fashion. Designers were segregated from the VIP who were blocking the majority of the ground floor audience from seeing the full clothing designs. With the excitement of alcohol and a chance to socialise, the essence of fashion show shifted to more of a concert.

The outfits were very interesting but I left the venue with no more information about who designed the outfit and where I could purchase it from. Going forwards, a bit more organisation and a stronger distinction on fashion can only mean a more rounded experience for everyone involved.

The Beef

Shortly after the event, a video emerged highlighting violent scenes at the end of Rip The Runway UK 2015. Unfortunately, there were some individuals who may have left their hoodies at home but brought the hood with them. I refuse for silly individuals to ruin an event that collectively brought a lot of UK talent under one roof. Forget the beef.

I deem Rip The Runway UK 2015 as a success!

People came, heard good music, had a good time and socialised whilst watching beautiful people be beautiful.

We weren’t following the build up to Rip The Runway UK 2015 to register for the press rehearsal. so we didn’t have backstage media passes to get some really good shots but it’s something we would love to do next time. Hopefully you will be there too!



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