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Eklipse- Dark Matters

Eklipse- Dark Matters

Who is Eklipse?

Eklipse AKA Mr Lazy Eye is An artist from Newham, East London. Hw is a very versatile artist which he portrays in his latest EP. Read more about Eklipse here.

What is the project, EP, mixtape?

Dark Matters is Eklipse’s latest project – a mixtape. Although he has released a few EP’s this is his first ever mixtape produced by Swiftstar.

What is the title of the project and why did you choose the name?

It’s called Dark Matters. The title coincides with both Eklipse and Swift’s names as well as the meaning behind it. Dark Matter is an unknown entity that takes up a recognised percentage of the galaxy.

“This is what I feel like I’ve been in the scene; I’ve always been about but this is the project that will show you what I am”.

Even in terms of the simplistic approach the name is applicable. Eklipse tends to write about his life and it’s been “a bit crazy” so you could say the subjects are Dark Matters.

How would you describe the general sound of the project?

“Dark haha”. If there is one word that can account for the sound of the project that would be it. Despite this, there are numerous different styles in the mixtape too.

The contrasting yet cohesive sound of Dark Matters makes it a really good listen. You won’t have to skip through to find a good song. Following on from Eklipse’s last EP #IntimateAffairs Dark Matters features a R&B essence too.

Key influencers in making it?

If I didn’t live the life I’ve lived and if I was working with anyone else (besides Swiftstar) I don’t think the project would sound anything like how it does. It’s as organic as it could’ve been.

Listen to Dark Matters here on 9bills!

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What do you think of the mixtape? Leave a comment below & don’t forget to share at the bottom!


Download Dark Matters here!



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